Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sorry much :')

Dear stalker,
Sorry for so long If I do not update the blog. If it is very busy. If it firstime leave the blog lamaaaaa macamni. Sorry for 3 months no update.

Bulan 3 and 4. Petang pukul 2.30pm - 3.30pm ika ada nasyid. 3.30pm - 6.00pm netball. Malam pula ika ada training teater dari pukul 8.00pm - 12am. See? bertapaa penatnyeee ika. What? percaya tak sampai ika pengsan dekat sekolah. Pergi HKL kena tahad dekat wad kecemasan 3 jam.

Nasyid. Huh,have little problems. Yela,nak dekat hari pertandingan pun ahli still tak pernah nak cukup. Macammana nak buat harmoni? But finally, get a favorable decision :)

Netball.Our growing dramatically improved from the first without the help of teachers. Thanks cikgu Fatah for the moral support and cikgu netball yg lain yg lastly baru tolong.

The thing is, my opponent is For 2Days time training with Adilla aunt, a former player of Selangor. Ahh, why she did not come early. I am not a good coach, but I also was studying and teaching. We learn together.

Even though we lost. But we are happy even that so many big problems to come hit but can be solved . Back together. Haha have to ride trains because no transport. We lost dignity. School pride whatsoever apetah under15 10-3 defeat. Wow, proud while. Nice memories :')

Wowo,wo ! very tired serious training. It's physical fitness test. Three months of relentless training. Brave the bitter and sweet. Kitaorang dapat banyak pengajaran,pengalaman dan segalanya bersama. Best crazy response from a good match from the audience. This really means :) That's sweet . Frankly

This thing I'm spent for three months. Sorry, because I did not update the blog for long time.
Miss you guys :*